Wardrobe Consultation

Have you ever thought about having a wardrobe consultation?  Do you have clothes and just don’t know how to put them together?  Most fashion stylist offer wardrobe consultations that falls along in their job description as a personal shopper, closet auditor, color analysis, and a variety of other services.  A fashion stylist wears many hats and these services mentioned above are just a few.  

Once it was said that only people who are well known benefit from such services.  Like people who are in the entertainment industry, well known attorneys, political candidates, etc:., but that’s so not true.  Anybody can benefit from these services.

For instance a new real estate grad has an interview but desperately needs help in deciding what to wear.  Here’s where color analysis and wardrobe consultation works hand in hand.  Did you know that there are some colors that you wear to a job interview could land you the job or not?  This may sounds crazy but it’s true!  Perhaps there’s a person who is seeking a new look for self esteem reasons.  This could definitely be beneficial to a whole new perspective about their look altogether.  

Most companies offer a 30 minute free consultation on the many services that fits under the umbrella of a fashion stylist.  Just call and ask what services are available and book your consultation in your area today.  This might just be the boost for your life that will have you LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE😉

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